Around this time of year my patience with winter is often wearing thin. The novelty of wearing boots and snuggly jumpers has worn off, my football team isn’t doing as well as I hoped, and my garden is looking as tired as I feel!

In May I wrote about ‘hygge’, the Danish concept which captures the feeling of being happy at home, in the moment and appreciating the little things in life. In the depths of winter when you are rushing to netball training, working late, or trying to get dinner on the table, ‘hygge’ can be hard to find.

The good news is that Spring is not far away. So why not stop for a moment, reset and enjoy the last of winter, with an eye to warmer weather ahead. Here’s some ideas to help you rediscover your hygge:

Creative catch ups

Being happy at home doesn’t have to mean being alone. Whilst summer is an easy time to entertain with barbecues and outdoor gatherings, winter is a great opportunity to get together in a relaxed and cosy way. Host a dinner party for friends and ask each guest to bring a dish from a country they would like to be visiting right now. How about an old-fashioned games night with some other families? – each family chooses a game to organise and you can rotate the venue each year.

Do you have boxes of old photos that are gathering dust? Why not invite some girlfriends over to compile albums together or simply sort photos into groups and share them around? There’s nothing like receiving a surprise reminder of the past in the mail!

Enjoy the little things

Instead of spending another night in front of the TV make a list of ten small things that bring you pleasure and then over the next few weeks, do them! It might be as simple as remembering to wear your favourite perfume each day, sitting outside for ten minutes with your cup of tea when the sun appears, or lying in bed on a Sunday morning with the papers. Make a list of all the classic movies you’ve never had the chance to see and then work through them one night each week until you are all caught up.

Switch off

Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Insta several times a day? Do you feel lost If you accidentally leave your phone at home? If this rings a bell (or old-fashioned phone ringtone- yes, pun intended), maybe you have nomophobia – the word experts use to describe the fear of being without your mobile phone.

There’s no doubt that being constantly connected makes it difficult to maintain a sense of calm and contentedness and limits our ability to be present for those around us, but it can be hard to disconnect!

Try these little tricks:

  • Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up, spend ten minutes doing meditation instead
  • Commit your family to a regular media free afternoon. Leave the phones at home and go kick the footy in the park, go for a walk together or check out the latest exhibition at the NGV
  • Delete your social media apps from your phone for a week and see how much time it frees up

Comfy dressing

One of the joys of lounging at home is wearing your favourite most comfortable clothes.  The Danes even have a word for those super comfy sweatpants you would rather leave at home – hyggebukser.  Whilst feeling comfy and relaxed is the name of the game, you’re bound to feel even better if those lounge pants are made from super fine cotton and incorporate a step up in styling detail from trackkies. Comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

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