A new space...

When I started Morgenfrisk I wanted to create a range of sleepwear and home wear for the whole family that was comfy, practical and simple. A range that looked good and felt soft and fresh against your skin.

These days life is busy and noisy and our homes have become a haven - more than ever, time at home relaxing with your family and enjoying the simple pleasures in life is really important.

The Scandinavians have a special word, ‘hygge’ which captures that feeling of being content and happy together at home. We all know that feeling of comfort that washes over you when you put your key in the lock and open the door to your home – warm, inviting, filled with things and people you love. It’s about enjoying life’s simple pleasures – reading the papers in the sun, picking fresh flowers from the garden, snuggling on the couch in winter, playing board games with the kids.

We want our new blog to capture that feeling – and to explore all those things that make life special – sleep, good food, play, nature, relationships.  We see the blog as being a place where our Morgenfrisk family can come together in a relaxed way and share stories and ideas to make life even better.

So, pop on your PJs, make yourself a cup of tea and start reading. We hope this space brings a little bit of hygge to your life.  xx Mel Grant